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GYROTONIC® for Performance Sports


Sports, such as tennis and golf, have complex and repetitive movement patterns. For this reason it would be advisable to spend 1-2 hours a week developing the origin of the movements. If improvement is important to you in your sport then working on different aspects of your fitness will benefit you highly.


In sport it is important for the body to work as efficient as possible to avoid minor trauma or injury. If the body is in complete control it will be able to create power and speed under less stress. Functional training systems are better suited for individuals who want to participate in a sport. Isolated training systems will not improve sequential movement patterns because it will not coordinate and train the nervous systems that control the muscles.


“Being a tennis coach means repetitive strain on my muscles. Through training with the GYROTONIC® system once a week I am able to release the strain by elongating my muscles and improving my range of motion. This training system improves my recovery time immensely by releasing thetension in my joints, thus allowing me to move more freely with minimal pain.” – Coach Bramble, Head Professional of Miragushi Tennis, Barbican


One of the forgotten teachings in sporting performance is correct sequencing with good posture. Sporting actions such as a golf swing, a tennis serve or a badminton smash need good form with correct sequencing in order for their movements to be performed to their highest capacity.


The GYROTONIC® method is equal but not the same to better known training systems such as Yoga and Pilates. It has a unique approach where balance, flexibility, core strength and correct posture are its main attributes. It uses a pulley system with weights that allows you to move circular and 3 dimensional. The result of this the body becomes elongated but maintains its strength. After a few sessions you will learn correct sequencing so that you can develop your individual training.


7 reasons to train with the GYROTONIC® method:

• Enhance Neuromuscular stimulation 

• Build strong and profound core muscles 

• Detoxify with specific breathing patterns 

• Learn to control the hyper flexible hotspots 

• Improve the quality of movement in the spine 

• Improve three dimensional range of movement 

• Look after hip and shoulder joint health and suppleness


So, it is no surprise that over the years it has accumulated many followers in the sports performance industry. Many A list sports stars such as Andy Murray, Tiger Woods and champion ballroom dancer Sharon Savoy now incorporate the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® as part of their periodic training program. 


Astrid holds a higher National Diploma with the Gymnastik Diplom Schule Basel, Institute for Bewegungspadagogik in Switzerland and managed to gain employment as a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher for prominent health clubs in London for the last 10 years. She has valuable experience in sports specific training as well as gentle toning and therefore realises the importance of performing GYROTONIC® exercises to improve posture, alignment and agility. As a licensed GYROTONIC® teacher she now feels, she has the experience to create a pathway for her clients to achieve a level of fitness continuity that will be specific and fulfilling to their needs.