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Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather.   Our studio is nice and cool so don't shy away from your practice.

We are planning new classes for September but in the meantime our full schedule is on and we are open throughout summer with a close to full schedule.   

There are a few special classes and courses on in July.   Please have a read below.   

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We live in a society where demands of home, work, family and finances can exhaust our body capacity to heal. We can all shut down in different ways when under stress; some of us suffer from digestive complaints, other with migraines or neck/back/knee pain but we know that in order to live a life in full we need our body and mind working harmoniously together. Kinesiology can help reduce stress from our body and mind and they work more effectively for us so we can happily get on with our live.
This is a list of unpleasant problems, among many others, that I can address with Kinesiology.
Being tired all the time
Back and neck aches
Anxiety and depression
Joints pain
Migraines and headaches
Lung issues and hay fever Food sensitivities
IBS and digestive issues…
Kinesiology is integrally a client-based therapy. It is totally reliant on biofeedback from the client to direct the therapy. Muscle bio-feedback is used to identify stress issues, the nature of the problem and the related therapy to apply. This opening evening will be an opportunity to find out more about Kinesiology and how it can help you bringing your body back in balance and to discuss with Barbara any issue you might be affected with.
PRICE: £5.00 which will be donated to charity - “The Gifted”
About The Gifted: It was built from a passion to empower young people, provide opportunities, help them believe in themselves and enable them to make choices that are right for them


Mother & Baby Yoga (5 week course)

Baby Yoga is a fantastic way to support your baby's development by improving muscle strength and tone, co ordination, and balance. It is also a wonderful way to bond with your baby and have fun together. It encourages instinctive parenting and promotes many well- used techniques for calming, soothing and reassuring baby, as well as sleeping better.
Baby Yoga sessions use fun rhymes and songs to help you learn the simple movements and to help relax baby. This course includes post-natal yoga and tummy tonning exercises for mummy!

Class is suitable for babies from 2 months to crawling.


Women's Wellbeing Masterclass – Tapping the Power of the Feminine: 24th & 31st July 2017

We excited to bring you a new masterclass just for woman! Do you find challenges with peaks and dips of energy and emotions? Do you sometimes feel like superwoman and other times like you want to hide under the duvet? Perhaps sometimes you feel life is beautiful and you are tolerant and understanding and at other times you rage against injustice or are overwhelmed by the problems of the world. Rest assured this is normal and you are not alone!

Jenni has spent over 16 years working in the field of complementary healthcare and personal development, the majority of my experience having been with woman through all stages of their lives. This work has been developed through the journeys of Jenni’s clients and her own experience with pregnancy and postnatal recovery, that denial or suppression of the feminine is a key factor in the issues women face with their physical and mental health. As women we are often told that our body, our hormones, our emotions are a problem or a weakness. Your body however is not the enemy! This view is that women’s health problems are often the by-product of not honouring the cycles and powers of the feminine. In addition to this, medical and social attempts to control these issues create further problems by unbalancing our systems further.

In this two-part masterclass, Jenni will share with you how we can live more in tune with ourselves and our environment by honouring our bodies and the natural cycles of life. You will learn how to have more energy, manage your stress, improve your pelvic health, detox your home, create your own yoga practice, and tap into your intuition to find answers to questions in your life!

Further details online detailing content for both days.


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Timetable Updates

NEW pilates class on Tuesday 9.45am.  
Mum & Baby Yoga coming soon - please get in touch to be put on the mailing list for this

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