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“We should recognize the mental functions of the mind and the physical limitations of the body so that complete coordination between them may be achieved.” — Joseph Pilates Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880 – 1967)

There are various exercise techniques and stretches designed for therapeutic benefits with Pilates achieved by both ON the Mat and ON the Reformer.


Pilates method consist of 34 different exercises and (With the exception of pre/postnatal sessions) goes at a much quicker pace, offering more of a cardiovascular workout and focusing on core strength and stability rather than flexibility. Your session can be aerobic or non- aerobic and can even provide great assistence to those in rehabilitation. More so when practiced regularity during pregnancy it's so effective it can improve postnatal recovery by up to forty percent! Pilates Mat exercises can then be taken to the Reformer apperatus for a far more concentrated session. You can expect anywhere from foundational elements to more aggressive exercises all designed around your own level and ability


Joseph Pilates created a movement system he coined "Contrology," accompanied by a variety of equipment he referred to as "Apparatus." The Apparatus was designed to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening, body alignment and increased core strength started by the Mat work. The best-known and most favoured piece to date was originally called the Universal Reformer, for "universally reforming the body." The reformer is a highly versatile piece of kit. it adds many differnet dimensions to your workout. Comprised of a bed like frame with a moving carriage of ropes and springs. you can stand, sit, lay, or kneel on it, and target every part of your body you wish to improve !It's injury free and designed to improve muscle tone, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility , mobility and most importantly your posture For all levels and for all reasons, it keeps you working at all times with resistance and neuromuscular feedback which is wonderful ! And so gentle on the joints , encouraging alignment of the extremities without the challenge of gravity. it's a favourite addition to anyone's general fitness regime with specific uses for rehabilitation and postnatal recovery!

Reformer therapy training has been very effective in treating clients with multiple diagnoses.  Pilates reformer rehabilitation is highly effective because it incorporates strength training along with flexibility training, but it also involves balance, efficient movement patterns and kinesthetic awareness. It can assist with movement exercises challenging your range of comfort at the beginning of treatment and as you progress move to resistance therapies at different intensity and strengths.  The use of levers, springs, and props can also help to alternate the base of support. All exercises are specific to each persons needs.  It is great for recovery of Minicus surgery , pelvic girdle pain, strenthening a sliped disk.  Suitable also for pre and postnatal women.

"When will I see results. how often do I need to practise" when it comes to Pilates?
As with anything, the more you put in the more you're going to see! BUT A minimum 3 to 4 times a week of really giving it your all you will definitely see results. it's an effective way to loose inches without bulking up

The Benefits!
We taylor a program to help you reach your goals. The Reformer is highly effective for both men and women. it's safe low impact and injury free way to exercise . You're strengthening up but at the same time protecting your joints and your bones. its an excellent way to tone up you're body and help balance and lengthen your muscles it can transform your posture, shoulder stability, flexibly, balance, and core strength . Training can be challenging but can be really fun.  Pilates is such an intelligent form of exercise thats ultimately understanding and controlling your muscles and movement in your body. Which is why the elite athletes practice it. you can really change your body!


Jessica Mordsley 
"Heidi's Pilates classes kept me strong and healthy through my second pregnancy and put me back together again afterwards. When I had a four-month-old baby screaming and breastfeeding around the clock, the postnatal classes were a true oasis of peace and focus. And they built my strength to return to higher-impact exercise within weeks. Heidi is a caring, attentive, and skilled teacher who always takes the time to explain, and her classes are always a great laugh."

Alica Tomadakis
"I first tried the reformer when I was 17 weeks pregnant and was immediately won over. The ability to do effective and targeted resistance based exercises, stretches and toning in a safe way was particularly attractive. I have continued using the reformer under Heidi's guidance and instruction ever since and now at 34 weeks pregnant it has proven particularly useful in targeting smaller muscles, alleviating aches and pains ( especially sciatica and periformis pain) and stretching out. I now share sessions with my mother who is recovering from keyhole knee surgery to repair her meniscus and she is seeing great benefits in her rehabilitation as a result of incorporating the reformer into her routine. I will continue to use the reformer for as long as I can before I give birth and will certainly be using it afterwards to get back into shape - highly recommended."

"A series of sessions on the reformer after having a baby was a really effective and safe way to get my physical recovery on track. And it was fun too!"

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