Why Yoga?

Nowadays most people know the benefits of yoga. Yes it can help you physically, with posture and strength. But yoga is much more than the physical postures (Asana). By involving the breath, the practice becomes more then the physical, it also becomes about the mind. What Asana is to the body, the Breath practices (pranayama) are to the mind. Yoga thus encompasses a Mind Body practice.
For me, yoga is about nourishment and wellbeing. After practice you want to feel vitalised, full of Prana (vital force). Yes a class can be challenging however you should not walk away from a class feeling exhausted. That is not the purpose of the practice. We challenge the body, mind and breath in a class in a balanced way. From challenges we grow in order to better ourselves on and off the yoga mat. The classes at YogaBalance will involve the elements of mind, body and breath to encapsulate a complete practice